Penguin Splat

Play Penguin Splat!

Wave after wave of endless, unique and addictive arcade fun as your penguin gang bounces off the heads of the nasty jellyfish.

Ever had your favourite beach closed by an invasion of jellyfish?  It's time to get your revenge.  Take control of a gang of roly poly penguins and splat those jellyfish back into harmless goo.

But watch out for those tentacles! No amount of kisses from mummy will make that sting feel better! (Although some gummi fish might help.)

• New and unique gameplay

• Just-one-more-go addictive fun

• Simple to play, hard to master

• Rack up massive scores with mega combos by splatting lots of jellyfish quickly.  The quicker you splat them, the bigger your combo!

• How many waves can you survive?  Can you beat your friends?


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Go Splat Some Jellyfish!

Along the way find out the answer to some of these fun zoological questions:

• How many gummi fish can a penguin eat before it barfs?

• What sound does a jellyfish make when it's too big to splat?

• What happens to a penguin when it eats a radioactive starfish?

• What is a group of penguins in the water called? (Ok, it's actually called a "raft", but we thought "gang" sounded better).